Agricultural SPECIMEN

(1)Great care should be taken to ensure that the information given below doesn’t reach the candidate either direct or indirectly before the examination.

(2a)The provision of specimens, material equipment for the test Is your responsibility.
(2bi)Where a specimen is not readily available in sufficient quality it should be shared among small groups of candidates.

(2bii)Each Candidates should be provided with the followed specimens Labelled accordingly.
Specimen A : Earthworm
Specimen B : Termite
Specimen C : Loamy Soil
Specimen D : Sandy Soil
Specimen E : Water Trough
Specimen F : Feed Trough
Specimen G : Egg Candler(Real/Picture/Diagram
Specimen H : Scoop Net
Specimen I : Sugarcane
Specimen J :Pineapple Fruit(Whole)
Specimen K : Ginger (Whole)
Specimen L : Honey
Specimen M : Sawdust
Specimen N : Wood shavings
Specimen O : Electric Bulb
Specimen P : Kerosene Lamp
Specimen Q : Charcoal Pot.

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