2022 UTME: Invalid Format & Unable To  Verify NIN

2022 UTME: Invalid Format & Unable To  Verify NIN

👉🏻If you are getting an Invalid Format, No Record Found or   Fail to verify NIN then the following guide will be of help to you.

✳️NIN must be length = 11
Make sure your NIN is correctly linked with your number

✴️You can use any SIM Card So long it is registered with your name

✳️Do not use Sim registered with another name

✴️Make sure the NIN Name Matches the name on your SIM Card

✳️Ensure to have N100 or above airtime on your Phone

✴️Make sure you Typed the Correct NIN Number

✳️Did I put more than one Space between your NIN and my NIN Number?

➡️If you followed all the steps above, Jamb should send you Some Code. After getting the code, the next thing is getting an E-PIN. NIN Must be length = 11.

How To Avoid SMS Issues Creating Profile✉️

✡️Don’t add a comma between NIN & NIN Number.

💮Don’t add space after your NIN Number

✡️50 Naira will be deducted from your Sim. Make sure you have above N50 Naira airtime on your Mobile phone before sending the SMS.

💮One Phone number can be used by one candidate only. Don’t share the same number with your brother or sister. They should get their own sim and send their own message.

✡️Make sure your phone number is linked with NIN before you send NIN to 55019.

💮Don’t use your dad, mom or brother’s phone number.

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